Uploading an attachment larger than 50MB

Since the attachment file upload for blog posts (commonly used for podcasts) does not permit you to upload a file larger than 50MB, you must create a placeholder file with the same name as the real file and upload the placeholder file with the attachment upload. You can then upload the actual file using FTP secure

  1. Navigate to your blog where you have your podcast.
  2. Select New Post from the Blog element menu.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.

  4. Check the name of your media file that you want to add to the podcast. 
  5. Open a program such as Notepad and save the file, giving it the same name as your media file. This creates the a placeholder file.
    • Example- If my media file was labeled podcast1208.mp3, then I would save my notepad file as podcast1208.mp3.
  6. Upload the placeholder file that you have created in the Attachment area.

  7. Click the Save my changes button.
  8. Click to view the blog post you created and roll your mouse over the attachment at the bottom.  While keeping the cursor over your attachment look at link to that attachment in the status bar at the bottom left of your browser.  Write down this location.
  9. Login to your site via FTP.
  10. Navigate to the file location of your attachment based upon the link you wrote down in step 9.
  11. Click and drag your media file and overwrite the place holder file that is there.

The FTP allows files that are up to 250MB filesize.