Setting up Stripe payment processor

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the Get Started with Stripe button.

  3. Click on the Your account link on the left navigation.

  4. Save and/or print the secret test and secret live API Keys.  This is the information you will need to put into your website in order for you to use Stripe as your payment gateway.

  5. Fill out the information under the Settings heading and click the save button.

  6. Scroll down and click the "provide account information" link under the Status heading.

  7. Fill out your company information and the company representative information and click the Submit and activate button.

  8. Log in to your website.

  9. Click on the Store button in the admin toolbar.

  10. Click the Settings tab and select Payments from the dropdown list.

  11. Click the Payment Gateways tab.

  12. Click the check box next to Enable credit card payments.
  13. Click the radio button next to Stripe.
  14. Find where you saved your Stripe API Keys and paste the Secret Live Key and Secret Test Key into the fields provided.  Make sure you put the correct key in the correct area.
  15. Press the Save my changes button.