Page Management

  • Exclude a Page from Search Results

    Certain pages such as hidden pages and pages that have not yet been published are automatically excluded from search results. You may have other pages, that are accessible on your site, but that you want to exclude from search results. You can use the following procedure to exclude a page from the results when someone uses your site's search feature. Edit the page or blog post you want to exclude from search results.Click the Advanced tab.Enter the following code in the HTML Head field:&nbs...

  • The Password Protected Page

    You can use one of two types of password protection on your website pages. The first type of password protection utilizes User and Role permissions to allow or restrict access to the page. You can find out more about that method here.  The method of password protection discussed here does not utilize users and roles.

  • Add a page

    One of the first things you might want to do is add another page to your website. This support article goes over the steps to creating new pages on your site.
  • Edit a page name

    Click on the Page Settings gear icon on the page settings toolbar. Change the Page Title and/or the Menu Name. Page Title- The page title will show up in the tab of your browser.

  • Hide a page

    The hidden feature is a great way to work on the design and layout of your page prior to taking it live and adding it to navigation. This is also a useful tool for styling blogs and calendars with their own design.

  • Delete a page

    It may be necessary to delete pages of your site that are no longer needed or relevant.
  • Delete a hidden page

    When hidden pages are no longer needed, follow these steps to locate and delete them.
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