Blog List With Summary

The blog List With Summary display option creates a listing of blog posts assigned to that blog element. Each entry includes the post title and a summary of the post. This option also lets you include a "Read More" link at the end of each posts' summary. The summary is auto generated, or if you prefer, you can manually create a blog summary when you create your post.

Example Use:

This is a good display choice if you have available space on your home page or if you want to give the user a snippet of information about what is in the blog post.  The summary serves as a "teaser," enticing site visitors to read your blog post because it provides more information about the post's content. The summary is also useful if the blog post title doesn't do justice to the content. Setting the order for the lists lets you specify how the list is displayed. For example if you have a series of posts where chronology isn't important, you may want to order the posts alphabetically by title.

Create a blog post with summary element

  1. Go to the page that contains your blog element.
  2. Mouse over the blog element toolbar and click Settings.

  3. In the Display section, select List With Summary from the dropdown menu.

  4. If you want the summary to display a Read More... link, check the Display a "Read More" link after the summary box.
  5. If you want to customize the Read More... link, change the text in the field to the text you want to use.
  6. In the Order section, select the order for the list.

  7. If you want to use the automatic summary of your blog post, click Save my changes, or if you want to manually add a blog summary, go to the next section.

 Create a blog post summary

  1. While adding or editing a blog post, click the Advanced tab.

  2. In the Summary section, check Disable Auto Summary.
  3. In the text field, enter the summary of your blog post.

  4. Click Save my changes.