Issue a Refund for an Order

You can issue a refund for an order that was paid for by credit card, if your site uses the Stripe,, or PayPal Web Payments Pro credit card gateway.

  1. Select Orders from the Store Management Menu.
  2. Find the order in the list and click the order number.
  3. In the Payment section click the Refund Payment button.

    Note: If the Refund Payment button is not displayed, the order is not eligible for refund. This could be the case if you are not using one of the payment gateways listed above, payment for the order was not made by credit card, or the payment has already been refunded.
  4. Enter the Amount to refund in the field.
  5. Click the Refund button.
  6. A refund is initiated for the specified amount, and the order history shows the amount of the refund.