Import products

  1. Create a CSV file and make sure that it is in the correct format by downloading this template as an example.

    • Use the absolute path to the image in order for it to pull in the images
    • The item's handle is what is used to match imported items with existing items.  If you do not have a handle, the system will create one for you. The item's handle is the unique identifier for the item.
  2. Select Products from the Store menu. 
  3. Click the gear button, and choose Import (csv). This displays the import products page.
  4. Click the Browse button to browse to your CSV file. 
  5. After you select your .csv file, click the Preview button to ensure your file is formatted correctly. 
  6. Select the Overwrite existing products box if you want products with identical handles to be replaced. 
  7. Click the Import products button.