Image manager

  • Image Editor: Overview

    The Image Manager's Image Editor utility allows you to crop, resize, change opacity, rotate, and layer text over your images. It is still best practice to resize your images to the desired size before you upload them. However, there could be times when you do not have access to photo editing software.

  • Add pictures to your page

    An important part of adding content to a site is the addition of images.  The Image Manager is what handles the images on a website.

  • Upload pictures to your image manager

    To transfer your images from a computer to a website they will need to be uploaded through the Image Manager.  The Image Manager uploader allows for many types of image file formats to be uploaded.
  • Wrap text around your images

    Wrapping text around images on your page allows your page to have a clean finished look. 
  • Delete photos in the image manager

    If an image is no longer needed or needs to be updated, you can delete the image from your image manager.
  • Upload multiple images

    The quickest way to upload multiple images to your site is by using the multiple image upload feature built into the image manager.
  • Create a thumbnail image

    The create thumbnail feature in the image manager will help you resize the image and save it while keeping your original image intact.

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