Collect a payment through a registration form

Example Use:

If you are wanting to have users of your site sign up for a paid event and collect the money for it you will need to use the form element and add the paid registration to it.  This can also be used as a mini store if you would like.

How to Video:

How to:

1. Login to your website.

2. Add a form element to your page if you don't already have one added, then click on the "Edit Form" button. This will launch the form editor.

3. Click the "Form Settings" tab at the top. Notice that the form settings are now broken into three sections including basic settings, advanced settings, and payment settings.

4. Click on "Basic Settings." Here you can edit the form name and description. Also on basic settings, you can add email addresses for entry notification if you wish and/or password protect your form.

5. Click on "Advanced Settings." This  controls for the way the user gets confirmation of their submitted form. You can choose to choose "send an email" which will add a required email field to my form. You can click "edit" to set up the contents of the email you want to send to everyone who fills out your registration form. You can also edit the display message which will show up on the page after the form and the payment have been completed.

6. Click on "Payment Settings." If you want to accept payments on your form, check the "enable payments" box. This will open up a few more fields that you'll need to complete (see image below). We'll discuss configuring these settings in the next step.

7. Now that you've enabled payments, you need to configure the payment settings (see above image).

  • Base price: Since we're setting up a registration form, you will want everyone filling out the form to pay a set price for registration. Set your price in the base price field and everyone who completes the form will be charged at least that price.
  • Payment processor: You can choose from PayPal, Google Checkout, or When you select the correct processor, the fields below will request the information needed for the form to work with your merchant account. You won't be able to save your form until you enter valid merchant account information. Therefore, you will have to have an account already setup with one of these processors before you can use form payments.

8. Build out your form to collect the information you need. Just click the "Add Fields" button at the top and choose the fields you want and edit the text on and around the fields.

9. If applicable, make some "choices" to offer for your registration form. The costs for these items needs to be added to the base cost of the registration if the user selects them. To do this, you can add a set of check boxes and assign pricing to each check box item (see image).

10. Finally, you can add a "price" field which will allow them to enter any amount they choose to be added to their total.

 11. Your registration form is now complete. Once it's saved to a live page on your website, your visitors can begin registering. When they submit the form, they will be taken to a checkout process through the payment processor you specified to complete the transaction.