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  • How do I add content to my site

    1. Find the place on your page you would like to add content.
    2. Click on the Add Element button.
    3. Choose Text, the default selection, from the dropdown menu and click Add.
    4. Move you mouse to the new text element you added, and click on Settings on the dropdown.
    5. Type in the text or add pictures that you want on this page.
    6. Press the Update button.
  • Changing the order of your files and links

    1. Login to your website.
    2. Navigate to the page that your Files & Links element is on.
    3. Click on one of the up and down arrows, highlighted below, and drag a link or file in the menu up and down to the desired location and drop it there.
    4. Continue this process until the order is how you want it to be.
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