Edit your page settings

  1. Click on the page settings at the top of the page.

    Page Settings

  2. Edit information on the Basic tab such as Page Title, Menu Name, Shortcut, and Heirarchy.
    • Page Title, Menu Name, and Shortcut

  3. The Advanced tab lets you enter the page level advanced settings such as template, meta tags, etc. See the following list of options available on the Advanced tab:

    • Page Template

    • Meta tags and descriptions

    • HTML Head

    • Body Header

    • Body Footer 

    • Set the page to link to another page on your site or the Internet.

    • SSL, hide pages from the public, disable pages, opening pages in a new window

    • CSS Classes for your menu or body.  Used mostly by designers for extra design flexibility.

  4. Edit who can edit and/or view this page under the Users and Roles tab.

  5. Click the Save my changes button.