Blog Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images let you add visual interest to your blog post listings.

When you assign a thumbnail to a blog post, if the blog element is set to show thumbnails and the blog display format is a list type, then the thumbnail for each post is displayed to the left of the post title. Any blog post that does not have thumbnail image assigned will have its normal left alignment.

To use thumbnail images on your blog posts, you must:

  1. Add a thumbnail image to the post
  2. Choose a list type display format for the blog element
  3. Set the blog element to display thumbnail images

Add Thumbnail Image to a Blog Post

You add the thumbnail image to the blog post on the New/Edit Post page, Advanced tab. You can add a thumbnail image by dragging the image file from your computer and dropping it in the image upload area of the page or by clicking the Upload button and then browsing to the image. You can also choose an image uploaded previously by clicking the Select Existing button.

When you upload thumbnail images, they are stored in the images/Blog Thumbnails folder on your site. If it doesn't already exist, the folder will be automatically created the first time you upload a thumbnail image. 

Note: You can upload all of your thumbnails ahead of time to images/Blog Thumbnails via FTP Secure or through the image manager. Then to assign a thumbnail image to a blog post, you click Select Existing to see all of the thumbnail images you have uploaded.

Blog List Display

Thumbnail images will display for any blog post with a List type display option such as List, List with Summary, etc. The display option for the blog is specified in the Blog Settings Basic tab.

Show Thumbnail Images

Thumbnails are displayed only when the Show thumbnail images box is checked on the Blog Settings Basic tab. Clearing this box disables image thumbnails in the blog post list. To re-enable thumbnail images, check the box.