Backing Up Your Website

Backing up your website is a multi-step process and requires the use of additional external tools. Use an FTPS application such as FileZilla for Windows and Transmit for Mac to download all of your website files via FTP Secure.

A website copy application such as HTTrak  for Windows and Sitesucker  for Mac lets you save a file based version of your website to a folder on your PC or Mac. It's important to note that website copy programs rely on menu navigation and hypertext links to know the structure of your site, so if you have pages that do not appear on any menu or do not have a link that points to them, those pages will be omitted. Another important thing to remember is that any forms on the local copy of your site will display, but they will not function.

In addition to using the tools listed above, you can also use your site's export feature for certain records to export data to CSV files. These records include: