Add a physical product

  1. Go to the page with the product listing.
  2. Select Add New Product from the Product Listing menu.

  3. In the Title field, enter the title for the product.

  4. Add a new variant or edit the default variant.

  5. In the Price field enter the price of the product.
  6. If you want to include a price comparison, enter the price in the Compare at price field.
  7. In the Weight field, enter the weight of the product. This will be used in calculating the shipping weight of an order. 
  8. Check any other options for taxes, free shipping, or tracking inventory.
  9. Assign any images to the variant.
  10. Click the Update button to return to the product screen.
  11. Select the Product Type if any. Click the Add button if you need to add a new type.
  12. Select the Vendor for the product, if any. Click the Add button if you need to add a new vendor.
  13. In the Description field, enter a description to provide more information about the product.
  14. In the Status section, check Published if the product should be listed on the website and check Buyable if the product can be purchased.
  15. Click the Images tab and upload any product images.
  16. Click the Advanced tab.
  17. In the Variant Display section, select the option to determine how multiple options for this variant are listed. Options include: 
    • Single Dropdown List
    • Multiple Dropdown Lists
    • Radio Buttons
  18. In the Product Listing section, select each product listing that should include this product. 
  19. In the Tags section add any tags for the product.
  20. Click the Update button to save the product.