Add both a physical & digital good

  1. Click the + button to add a new product.

  2. Add a Title.

  3. Click the gear icon under the Edit column and select Edit from the drop down menu.  By default the product is a physical product.

  4. Click the Both button.

  5. Choose Upload, Link, or Existing from the File drop down menu.
    • Upload- Click the Choose file button and select the file needed.  Depending on the size of the file and your connection speed, the file might take time to upload.

    • Link- Paste in a link to the file needed.  The link address will not be made public.

    • Existing- Click the Choose file button and search for a file you have previously uploaded.  Use the drop down menu to refine your results.

  6. Give your variant a title and add an SKU if needed.

  7. Add a price, weight, handling fee if needed, and choose whether or not you are going to charge taxes. If you choose to track your inventory, click the Track this variant's inventory check box, type in the number of items that are in stock, and choose if you want to allow purchases when an item is out of stock.

  8. Click the Update button.