Setting up 301 Redirects

Note: If you want to create a 301 redirect for a deleted page, be sure and read 301 Redirects for a Deleted Page.

  1. Click Settings on the admin toolbar.

  2. Click the SEO tab.

  3. Click the Launch the Redirect Manager button next to the 301 Redirection heading.

  4. There are two options to choose from, Add Redirect and Import Sitemap.

  5. Add Redirect-  To add a single 301 redirect, click “Add Redirect” below. In the box labeled “Redirect this URL...” enter the absolute URL of the page you wish to redirect. For example, if you wish to redirect, you would simply enter /blog_page.php.  Then in the dropdown labeled this page or shortcut, select the page you want it redirected to.  Lastly, click the Add button.

  6. Import Sitemap- If you have an XML sitemap such as might be generated for use in search engine optimization, you can choose “Import Sitemap.” To import a sitemap click the browse button to search for your XML sitemap that you are pulling in from your old site and click the Upload link.  Once you have uploaded your XML file you will need to choose the New Page that each of your old pages need to be pointed to.